The Aaronco® Rake Superior® Grooming Rakes feature a wooden ergonomic handle that reduces wrist and hand fatigue. These heavy-duty grooming rakes also have a uniquely curved body which collects more coat, shortening the amount of time you have to spend combing through mats and shedding coat.

SHORTEY™ A SHORTHAIR DE-MATTER 31 - ¾” long Stainless Steel pins


#710 UNDERCOAT’R™–UNDERCOAT REMOVER 96 1 ½” long SS pins (3 rows of teeth is the best for getting every last bit of undercoat with less strokes)

#711  STAR™–A DE-MATTER– 31 1 ½” long Stainless Steel pins (the go to for very thick long coats, gets right to skin)

 #712 STAGGERD SHEDDER™ A 45 SS pin alternating 3-lengths DE-SHEDDER( a first choice for thinner, coats, really grabs hair)

#713 MICRO Shedder

  #714 SHORTEY™ A SHORTHAIR DE-MATTER  is a sturdy well built rake features short teeth for getting through mats and medium length coat. 

Barcode # 729775007143
Brand Aaronco
Shipping Weight 0.2000kg
Unit Of Measure ea