Key Features:

- A higher maximum speed than the base model AGCB allows you to work efficiently through even the toughest coats
- Professional 2-speed clipper for cutting through all coat types
- Detachable blade for easy cleaning and interchangeability
- A brushless motor that lasts 10-12 times longer than normal rotary motors and provides maximum power and torque for tough grooming jobs
- Comes with Andis #10 CeramicEdge Blade which runs cooler than normal steel blades and lasts 70% longer

The Thoroughbred.

The Andis AGCB Super 2-Speed clipper delivers you all the same features of the AGCB 2-Speed Base Model but can move at a higher speed overall. The same impressive brushless motor, the same Andis #10 CeramicEdge Blade inclusion and the same 2-speed variability, but this one runs at a higher speed. Giving you more power through tougher coats and a smoother coat finish.

Breed Suitability:
Suitable for professional and at-home grooming on all dog coats breeds and matted coats.

Breed Examples:
All dog breeds. Especially recommended for: ‘Oodle’ breeds, Bichon Frises, Schnauzers, Airedales, Spaniels, Setters, Portuguese Water Dogs.

Kit Includes:
Andis #10 CeramicEdge Blade
Blade Oil
Spare Blade Drive





Barcode # 040102250002
Brand Andis
Shipping Weight 4.0000kg