Change is Scary

Hi Groomers,

Well, it has happened, we have changed, the old website is going and a new bright one in its' place. 

Why has it taken so long I hear many of you ask, the answer is both simple and complex - change is scary.
Change is taking a step in a different direction, change is doing something a new way and hoping it's a better way,
But as daunting as change is, listening and understanding the needs of our customers has to come above everything else.

So we changed - and are still changing!
What is new;
* Website - The website has had a facelift, whilst there will be a few teething problems along the way it will be a website that is easier to navigate, easier to find products, and it will make  ordering online simple and easy.

* Payments - yes, I can hear some of you saying - about time!  Payments are taken through the website now, and phone orders can be paid through the website as well. If you still prefer to call and pay over the phone we are more than happy to have a chat.

* Open to Public - this was a hard one I do admit, but after so many inquiries and both show enthusiasts and home groomers demanding quality product, we made the change. So when you jump on the website it will show Retail pricing, but when you log in it will automatically change to your wholesale pricing.

What is coming - we are checking out new payment gateways (BNPL) we have not been able to offer previously as they were not available for Business 2 Business, so opening up to Retail also allows us more flexibility in what payment options to offer you.

If you don't want to change how you order or pay with us, you don't have to! So you can still call up to have a chat and place an order, you can always change your mind and get us to change things on your order, we can always add something that may have been forgotten.

So welcome to the new website and some great and exciting changes!

Stay safe and have a great day!


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