The Colin Taylor Happy Strap is a grooming restraint that is kind to the dog. It takes the pressure away from the throat and trachea area (great for those dogs who can't handle any pressure on their throat - like my old boy). The Happy Strap goes over the head then between the front legs and clips up over the back so all the pressure is on the back - which does not stress or worry the dog at all.

To apply the Happy Strap first decide whether you need the expansion piece or not - (the picture shows the Happy strap with the expansion piece)
this is a simple clip on or off extendable attachment piece to allow you to use the Happy Strap on all size dogs. 
Once you have reoved / added the expansion piece then slip the ends between the front legs, up over the ribs and clip together on top. You can adjsut the toggle so it sits between the front legs. The Happy Strap then slips over the head and clips to the grooming arm (a Colin Taylor Extender works great with this too).

If you need to move the Happy Strap out of the way to clipper the dog - simply move on the side you want to work -undo the clip along the back, feed it back through the front legs and then over the shoulder to reclip.

Yes the Happy Strap will take some playing with to get used to it but the benefit to the dog and the lack of pressure on the tender neck area is worth it!

A MUST for those brachycephalic breeds!

1) Why the Happy Strap was invented

2) How To Use The Happy Strap (with the cutest poodle!)

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Brand Colin Taylor
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