Groom Professional Amplifier Slicker Brush Large Value Pack

1 x Medium Amplifier Soft Slicker
1 x Medium Amplifier Firm Slicker

Amplifier Firm Slicker Brush Range
The perfect brush to Amplify the volume while removing pesky knots and tangles! This incredible dual-purpose slicker removes mats with ease and adds volume on coarse coated breeds due to its unique design. This slicker features densely-packed long, hard pins on a half-moon curved back. This curved back shape helps the pins penetrate the coat to remove mats, tangles and undercoat while adding volume. Use on matted coats of any type and for adding volume on coarse coated breeds such as heavy-coated poodles. For the ultimate volume on soft and woolly coats, use the Soft version after de-matting.

Amplifier Soft Slicker Brush Range
Use this brush to Amplify the volume! This remarkable slicker brush from Groom Professional features densely-packed long length, soft pins on a half-moon curved back. This combination creates incredible volume on soft, fluffy and cotton coats.
Use after de-matting to fluff up the body, head, toplines and legs on poodles, bichons and other breeds where serious volumes are required. Get volume with less effort!

Use the Medium slicker size on toy, small and medium breeds and the Large slicker on medium, large and giant breeds.
Perfect for breeds that require maximum volume
Non-slip, ergonomic handle for comfort.
Pin length 2cm. 





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