Lovebites - Treats With Benefits!
Flexijoints - Helping our four-legged babes that have joint pain, osteoarthritis and reduced mobility

Medicating your dog can often be hard work – whether you have to make them swallow a pill or hide it in their food. With Lovebites, extensive work has gone into ensuring palatibility, so not only can you easily medicate your dog, it can be used as a positive and delicious bonding experience between you and your pet! 

 The Lovebites range is lovingly formulated with all-natural ingredients, cutting-edge technology and manufactured in Australia to our strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. There’s absolutely nothing artificial in these game-changing supplements. They are carefully designed to ensure that your pet not only enjoys the taste but reaps the benefits of the active ingredients!

Recommended for Dogs

Key features: A synergistic combination of New Zealand green lipped mussel with glucosamine to provide advanced relief from debilitating arthritic symptoms in dogs.

Green lipped mussel is the supplement of choice for inflammation reduction and joint function. Glucosamine  provides the nutritional components for joint function and repair. 

Flavoured with fresh Australian lamb and kangaroo, with no artifical binders, colours or flavours. Grain free.

Starting Dose: Provide 1 chew per 10kg of bodyweight, once daily for the first 4 weeks.

Maintenance Dose: Provide 1 chew per 10kg bodyweight every second day.

1-5kg = half a chew

5-10kg = 1 chew

10-20kg = 2 chews

20-30kg = 3 chews

Note: Dogs of a breed with predisposed joint problems may be provided with the maintenance dose from any age. Dogs with severe osteoarthritic symptoms may receive above starting dose as ongoing therapy. 


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