29th January 2023

This a fun informative workshop for groomers looking to become confident at working during a First Aid situation.

Real-life demonstrations, the latest first aid information relevant to Pet groomers, and a fantastic opportunity for your staff to up-skill.
Participants will receive notes and gain a certificate upon completion of the course!

Sunday 29th January
Light lunch & refreshments provided
Presented by Naomi Conroy - (Qualified Veterinary Nurse & ICMG/ CMFG) & Medicpet Australia

Topics covered:
Vital Signs - Normal/Abnormal/Emergency Bandaging Instructions
Bleeding Management
Clipper Burn/Brush Burn
Collapse DRABC - CPR & compressions
Cut - Wound caused by scissors or clipper blades Choking
Ears - Aural Haematoma
Ears - Foreign body
Ears - Infection
Ears - Wounds
Eyes - Chemical Burn/Shampoo Irritation
Eyes - Hair in dogs eye
Eyes - Prolapsed Eye Ball
Flea Allergy Dermatitis
Foreign bodies
Heat Stress
Insect Bites
Making a Muzzle from a Slip Lead Nails - Nicked Nail Blood Vessel Physical Examination
Poisons - Essential oils
Poisons - Ingestion-inducing vomiting Ringworm
Shock - Due to Accident or Injury Skin lesions - Petechiae
Ticks - Removal & Advice and prevention Tongue - Wound caused by scissors Warts - Cutaneous Papillomas MEDICPET - First Aid Kit Supplies
And more...


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