5th September - 8th September

Dog Grooming Courses – 4 Day Workshop at DGS Imports

Become a Paid Professional Pet Groomer and Start Your Own Business

We have 2 courses to help you become a professional dog groomer! You can attend the live, hands-on workshop in The Room at DGS Imports. 

When you book this course, you also get access to the ONLINE course and backup phone or Zoom support for a full 12 months.

Here's what you will learn:

  • How to work in the Pet Grooming Industry as a professional
  • Washing, brushing and blow-drying to a professional standard
  • Undercoat stripping for double-coated dogs
  • Recognizing and correcting skin and hair problems
  • Shaving short-coated dogs to reduce shedding
  • 3 different techniques to clip a long-haired dog
  • How to do a long clip for owners wanting to keep the full coat
  • How to remove knots and tight mats in the dog’s coat
  • How to shape a head, ears and tail to make them look beautiful
  • Nail trimming safely and correctly with no stress
  • Scissor trimming and dog hair styling techniques
  • Correct holding for grooming and how to handle difficult dogs
  • Greeting the customer and deciding what treatment their dog needs
  • Safety and well-being of the dogs
  • Equipment selection, purchase and maintenance
  • How to start up a home salon or mobile dog grooming business
  • You will groom a minimum of 4 dogs during the course
  • A manual of notes and all the grooming equipment will be provided


  • Doggy models will be provided, although we encourage you to find at least one model of your own (friends, family or neighbours dog.)
  • Small, friendly, personal classes. Only 1-4 students.
  • You will receive a beautiful certificate on completion of the course.
  • Jill will be available for support up to 12 months after your course!


If there are days you can not attend, we can tweak the dates to suit your schedule. I look forward to helping you get started in your new dog grooming business. You will have fun and enjoy the rewards!


For bookings and more information please contact Jill:

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