Skin Health Herb Pack

Focus on the skin treatment.
For pesky odor, stickiness and skin troubles.

Skin Health Herb Pack

□Skin type:Oily skin
□Season:For spring and summer
□Recommendation:For dogs getting smelly easily like Shih Tzu, French Bulldog, Pug and Cocker Spaniel


How to Use Herb Pack


Necessary Items and Useful Goods

① Herb Pack
③ Shaker with a lid
④ Slicker brush or Comb
⑤ Shampoo and Treatment
⑥ Soft Sponge(for dogs hate shower)
⑦ Bath Towel
⑧ Hair Dryer


Approximate Usage Amount of Herb Powder

                      This chart is for reference.

*A level of spoonful of attached spoon is equivarent to abou 0.5oz(15g).
*Recomended amount of hot water: 10-12times for Skin Health,14-16times for Moisture Herb.
*The usage amount depends on the type and length of hair.
*For types with long and large amount of hair, it is recommended to make a looser paste by adding more hot water than usual.


1. Making the Herb Paste

1.Put in the order of hot water, herb powder and Beauty Oil into the shaker.
(Beauty Oil should be used in the case of reducing hair volume, moisturizing dry skin and hair or preventing static.)

*You MUST put hot water at first! If you put herb powder at first, you won't get the ideal paste.
*You have to make the paste with lukewarm water if you apply it to senstive or rough skin.
*When hot water is boiled, its steam opens the lid so you need to open the shaker in the middle to get the steam out.

★You should mix the paste well with a tool like spoon putting hot water little by little after putting herb powder to prevent lumps if you make it by bowl.

2.Close the rid tightly and shake the shaker 10-20times.

*The paste will get ou t of the shaker if the rid isn't closed tightly enough.
*You should open the rid to get the steam out after shaking 2-3times.

3.Leave the paste for five mitnutes to blend herb powder with hot water enough.

*You must take time to leave the paste. Its consistency will be fine after you leave it for five minutes if you think it is loose right after shaking.
*The paste will be getting thick in the middle of applying if you start applying right after shaking.
*You should leave Moisture Herb for more than 10 minutes.


2. Applying the Paste

1.Brush out tangles and snarls in your pet's hair.
*Herb paste works into hair, so tangles willl cause color remaining.
*If your pet has too much hair, you have to use a huge amount of paste, so brush out carefully to remove excessive hair.

2.Check the consistency of the paste.

*The paste should be soft as to be able to write a letter when you drop it.
*If it is too thick, you should add some hot water to it or if it is too loose, you should add some herb powder and shake it again.

3.Get your pet wet well in warm water.

*You should get his/her whole body wet well.
 If not, it will be the cause of color remaining.
*If your pet have outstanding dirt(especially sebum), shampoo once before applying the paste.

4.Apply the paste to skin pushing hair aside by hand and spread it from skin to fur.

*If the paste isn't applied to skin, sebum won't be cleaned and its effect will decrease by half.
*For Pug or Bull Dog, make sure to apply the paste into the dog's wrinkled area as well.
*Do not brush or rub pet's hair after application.
 It will cause tangles and split ends.
*For short-haired dogs having a large amount of hair like Shiba and Welsh Corgi, you can save time to apply if you use the shampoo bottle with a thin tip of the pump.


3.Washing & Drying

1.Wash off the paste by strong shower when 2-3 minutes pass after application.
*It's not necessary to leave it for long time.
*You should leave it for 5-10 minutes aafter application if you want to reduce odor and stickiness.

2.Wash off the leftover paste on the body with shampoo and rinse off with conditioner.

*If you are worried about the leftover paste, you can wash it off with shampoo twice.

3.Dry your pet's skin and hair completely with a hair dryer after drying with a towel.


★Herb Bath Removes the Leftover Paste Completely★

1.Put your pet in a bucket after washing off throgh the paste.
2.Add some shampoo and pour warm water by shower to foam the shampoo.
3.Wash off rest of the herb paste on the body completely by rubbing with the foam.
*If you want to wash it off thoroughly, you should make Herb Bath after you wash your pet in a bucket filled with warm water.

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