Delete Disinfectant - to control and prevent public nuisance smells and create an Animal Friendly Environment. The addition of natural oils and aromatics enhances the odour control giving an Animal Friendly Environment.

* Concentrated Surface Spray
EXTERNAL USE ONLY - For normal use 10% solution is adequate.

* Deodorant Disinfectant - DELETE Deodorant Disinfectant has been specially developed to deodorise

*REDUCES ODOURS! - DELETE Deodorant Disinfectant is an efficient deodorant surface spray

* Economical- normal use 10% solution!

Delete is well-known and highly sort after by dog breeders and kennels!

Containing 2% W/W Quarternary Ammonium Deoderant & natural antiseptices. The bacteria and odour destroying properties of Quarternaries are well known and the addition of natural antiseptice and aromatics enhances the odour control.

Delete is a specially developed surface spray for horse stables, kennels & catteries for contriolling nuisance smells and to create an animal friendly environment.

Delete is concentrated and easily diluted with water, normal use a 10% solution is adequate.

Available in 1L, 2.5L, 5L.

Brand Delete
Shipping Weight 2.0000kg