Hydra’s Senses Care Collection made to restore shine, softness, and hydration to your pet’s coat, leaving a wonderful fragrance. If you like Hydra Serenity or Hydra Bliss collections, wait till you smell Hydra Senses Care! This lovely fragrance comes with notes of whipped cream, orange blossom, sandalwood and vanilla.

Set includes the following Hydra products:

Hydra Senses Care Shampoo 1L: Adds shine to the coat
Hydra Senses Care Conditioner 1L: Revitalizes and hydrates pet’s coats
Hydra Senses Care Moisturizing Booster 60ml: Designed to mix with Conditioner
Hydra Senses Care Forever Cologne 120ml: Fragrance to use after dog bath
Hydra Senses Care Moisturizing Serum 120ml: Reduces frizz and detangles coats
Hydra Senses Mixing Bowl and Spatula: Use to mix Conditioner with Moisturizing Booster





Brand Hydra
Shipping Weight 4.0000kg