Returns and Warranty Policy

Warranty and Returns


General Information:

All warranty claims are set by Manufacturer and are to be assessed by the authorised manufacturer or importer before being approved as a warranty claim for replacement, repair, or refund.

Products need to be sent back to DGS Imports, unless instructed otherwise, for any returns or warranty claims.

All inward freight/postage is to be paid by the sender.

If the product is covered under warranty, we will pay for the return postage; otherwise return freight will be added to the final invoice.

All claims for missing/damaged items from your order need to be made within 7 days after receiving your order.

All products can be returned except for the following:

  • Treats & Food

Sale, Discontinued, or special-order items will not be valid for a refund, Special order items will also not be valid for a store credit.

DGS Imports reserves the right to not honour any refunds if the retuned goods do not meet the following conditioners:

  1. Goods must be of merchantable quality
    • They must meet a level of quality and performance that would be reasonable to expect, given their price and description. They should also be free from defects that were not obvious at the time or purchase
  2. Goods must be fit for their intended purpose
    • They should be suitable for any particular purpose the buyer made known to the seller.
  3. The goods must match the description given to the consumer, or the sample shown

In the event of a product missing from your order, you are to advise us within 1 week of delivery of your order.


How to send your product/s back

  • When sending back any products please include/make sure:
    • Product is returned with everything it came with (i.e. clippers to be returned with charger, batteries, blades, etc.)


    • Products are to be returned in Original, Undamaged packaging. Otherwise, a repackaging fee of 10 - 20% will be charged, depending on severity.


    • Please include a note stating:
      • Name
      • Business name (If applicable)
      • Order number
      • RMA Number (Please call to receive this number)
      • Small description on why you are returning and what you would like done.


Where to send your product/s

All products are to be returned to DGS Imports (Below address) unless instructed otherwise by a DGS Imports Staff member.


ATT: Returns

PO Box 5178, Daisy Hill, QLD 4127


Unit 9, 2-12 Knobel Crt, Shailer Park, QLD 4128


In store return is welcome, please come to DGS Imports during our opening hours,

  • Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.00m


Warranty Limitations

  • Warranty applies to original purchaser only.
  • Warranty does not cover abuse, fire, acts of war, droppage, improper voltage, disassembly, alteration, or damage from lack of proper maintenance
  • Disassembly
    • Repair or service (with exception of general proper maintenance) done by anyone other than the authorised repair/warranty agent will void the warranty.


  • Dryers
    • Warranty does not cover filters, motor brushes, hoses, casters, or vacuum bags.
    • Warranty does not apply to motor if motor brushes are not changed every 500 hours of operation and filters are not cleaned as necessary.


  • Electric and Hydraulic Tables
    • Due to the nature of the working environment, both electric and hydraulic lifting tables installed in mobile grooming station may suffer from premature wear and tear because of the excessive vibration and the poor air circulation. As a result, both electric and hydraulic lifting tables are not recommended to be installed in a mobile grooming station.
    • Warranty for those electric and hydraulic lifting tables installed in a mobile grooming station will be reduced to 6 months.
    • Replacement parts installed in these tables will also have their warranty period reduced to 6 months.