Skipper Stripper Knives

This Innovative tool for hand stripping is the Brain child of Skip Begeot of Airerun Airedales in the USA.  A Breeder of Airedales and an avid Knife maker, he designed and handcrafted his first "skipper stripper" to fill a need for a better tool. 

What makes these tools unique is the grip that is permanent, not just a coating. They are hand crafted and professionally coated in colors according to size to make it easy to grab the right one out of your tool kit. They feature two textured ends with plenty of grip, and one side is curved to fit your thumb perfectly. left or right handed. 

Useable on all wire/spaniel/hand stripping breeds. 

Available in 3 sizes and two metal choices

Steel or Professional Range of Aluminium in either 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"