Pet Esthe

PET ESTHE - combining the spirit of Paris and the innovation of Japan.
Pet Esthe is a brand that goes above and beyond to provide the best for your pet, from the ingrediants themselves, the series offered and the combination of choices to connect the treatment of body and mind of the pet. 
Pet Esthe is a total Beauty care system for pet rejuvenation.
There are four elements to pet rejuvenation:
coat improvement, skin improvement, coat color improvement, and healing of both pet and human.

In accordance with the philosophy of A.D. Prince Paris of France, using aromatherapy, thalassotherapy and oriental-style massage to work on the pet’s emotions, and together with the world’s first color restoration system, Pet Esthé aims to give pets with beautiful minds and bodies.
et Esthé series are complete pet esthetic products which skillfully use such ingredients as Dead Sea salt (which promote skin health), propolis, the currently much-discussed material that is collected by bees from various trees, natural botanical moisturizing ingredients, marine plant ingredients, and NMF (natural moisturizing factor) to restore and improve the coat and skin of one’s beloved pet.

Pet Esthé makes a point of using highly safe plant materials that have been used all over the world since olden times. We use natural herbs and other new natural raw materials of plant origin. Materials of animal origin are never used.
Also, we are against the animal experiments carried out in the process of product development and sale because we believe it is animal abuse. As raw materials, we use materials of plant origin that are highly biodegradable through decomposition by natural microorganisms such as bacteria. We continue to develop products that do not contaminate the sea and rivers, and are gentle on the earth.