Loyalty Starter Series has now been upgraded to imported Japanese 440c steel! 

Loyaltty Beginner Series line of grooming shears gives you high quality shears at a fraction of the cost. There are a ton of great grooming shears out on the market today. High quality competition means that products are made better with you, the consumer, in mind. Loyalty are unique and special for a multitude of reasons. Our Beginner Series was carefully designed after many months of research and finding a high quality Japanese steel that is durable, lightweight, stylish and affordable. While other companies focus on color and style options, our main focus is on quality control. When you see our beautiful turquoise blades with our first ever series, glistening orange tightening jewels, and orange finger and thumb inserts, you know it is made of high quality.

With the beginner professional groomer in mind, we paid special attention to ease of use and razor-sharp blades, as well as design. 

The Beginner Series is also available in a Starter Set which includes the essential shears every new groomer needs. We determined what to include in this unique set by interviewing many beginner and seasoned grooming professionals. You will find most other standard sets only give you three scissors and a comb, whereas we give you a chunker instead – a much needed shear for your arsenal.

Our Beginner Series include:
A Straight
A curved
Lightweight Carrying Case
What sets Loyalty apart? We speak and listen to our groomers and customers. We even have a professional groomer on our Loyalty Pet Products staff! We provide a lightweight case to protect your beautiful investment.

Loyalty Pet Products Grooming Line – We know that to a groomer, they aren’t just shears – they are an investment and a way of life.





Brand Loyalty Pet Products
Shipping Weight 0.3000kg