MALDISON 50 is an organo-phosphorous anti-cholinesterase compound that attacks the central nervous system of parasites - i.e. Mosquitoes, Lice, Poultry Mites, Fowl Tick, Dog Fleas, Brown Dog Tick and Sarcoptic Mange.

When using MALDISON 50 to treat dogs and cats for fleas and lice, saturate pet thoroughly, but do not immerse the animal. Repeat application in seven days. Use residue for treating bedding and kennel areas, also areas where fleas might breed - i.e. under the house.

Dogs (over 3 months of age) and Cats (over 6 months of age):

Fleas and lice on Mix 50ml Maldison in 10L of water. 

Adult Brown Dog Tick & Sarcoptic Mange: Mix 50ml Maldison in 5 L of water. 


Lice and mites in poultry houses: Mix 500ml Maldison in 25L of water to spray nesting boxes, litter and walls. Mix 500ml Maldison in 8L water to paint onto roosts. Repeat applications in 8-14 days to destry lice hatching from eggs present at first treatment. 

Lice of Tropical Fowl Mite on birds: 500ml Maldison in 100L of water. Spray brids at a rate of 50L per 1000 birds. 


Pig Lice & Sarcoptic Mange: 250ml Maldison in 20L of water - thoroughly spray all pigs and sheds 


Lice, Ticks, Sandflies: 250ml Maldison in 20L water will treat 10 horses (ie 2L of mixed spray per horse) 


Lice: 1L Maldison in 100L water and spray at the rate of 4.5L per head 

Fly Control: 500ml Maldison in 40L water or 25ml Maldison in 20L water 

Mosquito Control:

Larvae: 1L Maldison per hectare (dilute with water as required) - treat breeding areas as soon as larvae are seen 

Adults: 500ml Maldison per hectare diluted with water as required. Application should be timed for periods of major emergence of adults. 

Witholding periods: Meat: DO NOT use later than 7 days before slaughter for human consumption. Milk: Milk collected from treated animals within 5 hours following treatment must not be used for human consumption or processing. This milk should not be fed to bobby calves. Eggs: Nil. 

Active Constituents: Maldison 500g/L 

Brand PharmaChem
Shipping Weight 0.4000kg