Travelling is always more fun with your dog, but you need to take care of several indispensable accessories so that your furry friend has his food, water and rest.
The portable silicone Pawise drinking bowl allows you to take it anywhere, thanks to its flexibility in storage and folding.
If you're going to the summer house or your parents' house, you can bring their travel water bowl to them, and you'll have a safe place to put their food and drink. It takes up very little space, is made of silicone available in various colours for every taste, you no longer have to carry the feeders and drinkers from home, take the travellers who are very light and do not take up space in the suitcase, you can carry it in your handbag.
Also if you take your dog to a cafe where you can be on the terrace, to the dog park or in a square, simply take the silicone drinking trough out of your bag and put its water in it, as you always have to take care that your dog is hydrated.

Main characteristics of the portable drinking trough:
Available in various sizes.
For large and small dogs.
Resistant and durable.
Foldable silicone.
Easy to transport.
Easy to clean.
It is a durable drinking trough and does not take up space or weight.  They are designed in bright and modern colours, with selected materials for pets, it is a suitable feeder for your dog's daily ration of food, and, as a drinker it has the necessary capacity for water. It is easy to clean and maintain, and has a hole at the top so you can hang it up.


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