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PawMat is a superior grooming table, bath, and kennel mat that gives dogs the comfort they need during the grooming process. 
Three times thicker than a standard yoga mat, PawMat is an anti-slip, anti-fatigue surface that lets your four-legged clients relax while you brush, comb, or groom them.
PawMat is great for senior dogs and dogs that feel uneasy about being on a grooming table or in the tub.
In addition, your more seasoned clients will thank you for a cushioned, more comfortable surface to stand on while you scissor and put on the finishing and touches.
PawMat will not become embedded with hair and is liquid and stain resistant making cleanup a breeze while helping to protect all of your grooming surfaces.


Why Should I Choose PawMat?

PawMat is a superior grooming table and kennel mat that can even be used as an anti-fatigue mat for dogs and groomers. If you look at a PawMat it resembles a yoga mat. Yoga mats are not all created equally so let's review different types. While there are some that provide a sticky surface, made of PVC there are others that provide more of a cushion, those made of rubber and thermoplastic and even those that are more like rugs as appose to mats, these are made of jute and cotton. Those yoga mats that are made from harmful toxic chemicals like PVC will be in landfills for decades. You can feel better if you use more natural mats like the others listed. So like yoga mats PawMat is made with Thermo Plastic technology that is regarded as eco-friendly and biodegradable, yet durable, safe and comfortable. We say with pride that PawMat is PVC and latex free!

Is PawMat Safe?

PawMat is made from Thermoplastic technology, this material has been extensively tested for systemic and hemotoxicity and have been found to be chemically inactive. What that means is if a dog swallowed a piece of the mat, it would not be toxic to your animal. Thermoplastics are so safe that they are used for medical equipment as well children's toys and many other products used by us everyday.

What Makes PawMat Unique?

Choosing a material was a huge decision that Chanel took very serious. She knew balancing durability with function was something that had to be a priority but wanted to stay Eco-conscience. Thermoplastic technology was the solution. It's water and stain resistance make it easy to clean and dry quickly. The grip and durability made it function properly on tables, kennels and any floor surface

Brand PawMat
Shipping Weight 8.0000kg

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