Soften and hydrate your hands with this stunning fusion of 23 pure essential oils and embrace the Green Goddess within.

- Leaves skin soft and moisturised
- Soothes and repairs damaged skin
- Acts as a barrier to protect the skin against environmental damage
A lightweight, easily absorbed cream.

The inspiration and story behind Perfet Poion Green Goddess blend

In 2011, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Perfect Potion, Sal dreamed of doing the incredible: creating the ‘perfect’ Perfect Potion signature scent. He wanted to create a blend that epitomised the essence of Perfect Potion and of our customer, the Green Goddess/God. From Eros to Happy and Calm, Sal had plenty of aromatherapy blending experience, but the task of creating the Green Goddess blend ignited waves of nerves and hesitancy.

He decided to ask the Perfect Potion team for help and began a team competition. The brief given? To create a blend that represents the heart of Perfect Potion! It is incredible what happens when so much love is poured into a single blend. Over 39 entries flooded in, each filled with mesmerising beauty and potential. After analysing and testing the blends, it became clear that picking just one would be impossible. It was in the middle of the night when Sal decided to merge all the entries together. The Green Goddess blend became a fusion of all the essential oils chosen by each team member, creating a blend that was truly a team effort!

Green Goddess blend captured the spirit of all green goddesses and gods and the Perfect Potion team. The synergy of pure essential oils encourages one to appreciate the essence of nature. It nurtures, comforts, and promotes self-awareness and wellbeing. Originally designed as a limited edition blend, the Green Goddess blend became so well loved that we had to make it a permanent part of our collection. 





Barcode # 9333360030174
Brand Perfect Potion
Shipping Weight 0.1000kg