Butterfly Curved Thinner 26T Scissor is a professional, one=sided, scissor. It features wide teeth which allow you to thin more hair with one precise cut along with the bent form of one-sided thinning plates allows for precise and versatile shaping of hairstyles and drawing lines along an arc. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to obtain the desired form of hairstyles in breeds that require semi-circular shapes and obtain a beautiful and natural end result. A very sharp cutting edge and serrations with micro-cuts ensure smooth shading of the hair. Suitable for most hair types.

Irreplaceable during shows and competitions, as well as in any professional grooming salon. The symmetrical handle, double-sided hooks (decorated with cubic zirconia) and soft, silicone rings guarantee high comfort of work. Equipped with a decorative screw to adjust the pressure. The leggings look very nice, they are light and comfortable. Packed in a convenient case with the manufacturer's logo.

Available in:

- 7" 26T

- 7" 54T

- 7.5" 32T

Brand P & W (Power & Work)
Shipping Weight 0.3000kg