• Portable, compact, and easy to transport and store.
  • Perfect for home use, shows or professional groomers.
  • Fast and amazingly quiet, lightweight and powerful then other same models.
  • Use a stream of air warmed by flowing over the motor to effectively blow water off the coat to cut drying dramatically, it also equipped with additional heating unit.


(12 month warranty for dryer only, excluding hose, carbon brush, handle, nozzle and cord, unless DOA 7 days after receive)



Warranty 12 month
Maximum Power 1800W
Heat Power 600W
Maximum Temperature 38°C
Blow Force 680g
Maximum Speed 44000FPM
Max Airflow 140CFM
Noise 75dB
Net Weight 4.2kg
Brand Shernbao
Shipping Weight 7.0000kg