DGS Imports Updates


With things changing on a daily basis we thought we would keep a quick blog on the impacts of Covid-19, Freight and other general things that change the way we operate here at DGS Imports.

We want to assure you we are doing everything we can to make sure we can support you and your business through this.

QUEENSLAND FLOODING - With many roads flooded and areas inaccessible, what does this mean for your orders?

Due to ongoing rain and severe flooding, several roads are closed and courier have imposed restrictions to their services as safety of the drivers is being put at risk along with the couriers being unable to get through or around the floods.

Along with many road closures, most Brisbane deopts are also closed which will cause further delays in the freight process national and international. This means that the delivers we have been expecting to come in the next coming weeks have been delayed with no ETAs of when they will be arriving at DGS Imports.

DGS Imports is still open and will remain open untill further notice. We are however, short staffed as alot of our staff members have been trapped by the floods with the roads in and out of their areas under water. We are trying our best to get all orders out as quickly as possible however, please allow for extended delivery times untill the flooding and road closures have been completely cleared. If you are able to collect your orders safely we do encourage this as it will be quicker than shipping them out to you.

Make sure you keep UP-TO-DATE with our social medias (Instagram and Facebook) to see any updates for DGS Imports instantly 

We hope everyone is staying safe during these times and have not been affected by the floods.


Yes, we are still open.

The shop is OPEN and will remain during the course of the Covid-19 virus as we are deemed essential 

Everyone is welcome to come into the shop however we do ask that you follow the Covid-19 restrictions:

  • Maintain a social distance where possible of 1.5m 
  • Please use the check in app upon entering 
  • Please wear a mask indoors when you cannot socially distance 
  • If you are or have recently experienced any of the symptoms of Covid-19 we please ask that you get tested and do not come into our shop as we do not want to spread the virus. 

If you have Covid or are worried you may have it or just don't want to come in store you can:

  • Call us on (07) 3801 4800 and have a chat about your order or place an order.
  • Or you can contact us via Facebook, Instagram or Emails.
  • You are also able to order online

Payment is able to be sorted over the phone or via our website, we do accept Zipay and Afterpay too!

 All our orders have an option for collection and you are able to request a contactless collection of your goods by just letting us know when you talk to us or leaving a note on your order online.

We understand health & safety is important so please just have a chat with us if you have concerns and don't hesitate to ask us any questions you may have, we will always work with you!

New freight procedures


I trust everyone is keeping safe, calm and following the WHO guidelines. This is an update to let you all know the new procedures that all freight companies have put in place (including Australia Post).

We all depend on couriers & freight drivers, they are often undervalued and unappreciated. Especially in the current climate where we are being encouraged to stay at home, we all shop online and we believe this is safe and easy for us - which it is - but it means the couriers and freight drivers have more pressure on them.

So what can we do - KEEP ORDERING ONLINE - this supports local businesses and keeps jobs!

BUT - All deliveries will be left by the driver, drivers will no longer ask or obtain a signature. This is for their safety and yours. Leave a box or safe place for the driver to leave the goods, put instructions (like where to leave ) when you place your order.

So let's all work together and have patience, remember what is important.

It's Business as usual!

We are still open and it's business as usual!

Hi everyone,
Well, what a whirlwind of changes we are seeing and experiencing!
With all the unsurely and changes we at DGS just wanted to assure you that we are still open and orders are still getting processed.

Your warehouse and shop is still operating, open Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

What are we doing to keep safe?
Everything is smooth sailing now and we want to make sure that everyone; the DGS Team, their families and you and your families stay safe. We have implemented new procedures to make sure that we are doing everything we can. These include regular cleaning of surfaces, doors, payment machines and other frequently touched areas. All staff are instructed if they feel slightly unwell to stay home. We also have already established plans for possible scenarios and rest assured we will still be able to get orders out and to you!