ARTERO PROTEIN VITAL Concentrated Conditioner

Conditioner that instantly restores softness and shine to all coat types. The action of the Protein Vital works by repairing the coat with silk proteins and reconstructing the cuticle. The content of provitamin B5 contributes to the natural shine of a healthy coat. It can be left in or rinsed out.

ARTERO KERATIN VITAL Concentrated Conditioner

Keratin restores, shine, softness and aids in repairing damage in dry and dehydrated coats. Keratin Vital regenerates damaged hair and also adds weight to allow hair to drape and hang better increasing straightness. Can be left in or rinsed out.


The NEW Artero Balsam Spray is a soothing spray containing, Rose hip’s oil, oat’s extract, willow extract, chamomile, and Aloe Vera speeds the recovery of the dog’s skin affected by external agents. 

Main Ingredients: Boswellia serrat gum, willow extract, Oats extract, Rose hip’s oil, Aloe Vera, Alfa-bisabolol (chamomile soothing active). 
How to Use : Best when used following a bath. Apply by spraying from coat and gently massaging affected area.