ARTERO Basic Shampoo

A shampoo ideal for all breeds. With its great clean & emulsion effect it eliminates dirt with maximum care for the skin & coat.
Ideal for day to day use in the salon. Basic is great as a first wash shampoo - cleaning the coat so you get the most out of your specialist second shampoo. Available in 5Lt


A shampoo designed for the care of white, black & grey coats. Artero Blanc intensifies the natural colour whilst its soft tensoactive properties and gentle action clean the coat leaving it bright, shiny and full of life. Ideal for the elimination of yellow tones from the coat. Available in 250ml, 5Lt


A Shampoo recommended for wire coats or breeds that require volume. A mild shampoo ideal for frequent use. The Vitalising shampoo is relaxing and are gentle on the skin & coat. The vitamin complex adds strength to the coat aiding in regeneration and coat growth. Available 250ml, 5L


An ideal shampoo for long-haired coats and on dry, deteriorated coats. Very mild and the relaxing properties of the shampoo clean with coat without damaging or drying out. The vitamin complex deeply nourishes the coat and the moisturising and restoring components help recover the natural texture of the hair. Available 250ml, 5Lt